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Knights of Columbus


Knights of Columbus is a faith filled Catholic organization, called to witness to the teachings of Jesus Christ, in living the principles of Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism. As A family of Knights of Columbus, we build on the strengths of our members in supporting our communities, to enhance the building up of the Kingdom of God.


  • Kevin Organ Grand Knight

  • Charles Mayo Deputy Grand Knight

  • Finton Organ Chancellor

  • George Davis  Recorder

  • Anthony Willcott Financial Secretary

  • Jerome Hartery Treasurer

  •  Advocate Calvin Hickey

  • Callistus McDonald Warden

  •  Inside Guard

  • Clayton Willcott Outside Guard

  • Pat Pittman  Third Year Trustee

  • Edmund Hoskins Second Year Trustee

  •                                      First Year Trustee

  •                          Lecturer

  • Fr. Patrick Osuji Chaplain






It’s an exciting time for the St. Ignatius Knights Council No. 13763 of St. Alban’s as they have been granted a Fourth Degree Assembly. The St. Ignatius Council No. 13763 of St. Alban’s was recently granted Fourth Degree Council by the District Master and Vice Supreme Master of Newfoundland and Labrador. The Fourth Degree Assembly status was granted by the Vice Supreme Master of Newfoundland, Knight Donald Dumont and the District Master of Newfoundland, Knight Bill Maher.  


The Father Stanislaus St. Croix Assembly will receive its charter in the near future and will have 20 members when it is officially formed. Sir Knight Pat Pittman will be the Faithful Navigator of the assembly, which will hold its own meetings separate from the general Knights’ council. Sir Pittman said that assembly members will still be members of the St. Ignatius Council although the council can carry out tasks on its own such as taking part in a provincial speak-out. 


Sir Pittman noted that St. Ignatius Knights currently not members of the assembly could earn their Fourth Degree to be included in the new group. According to Wikipedia, Knights, after taking their third degree, are eligible to receive their fourth degree, the primary purpose of which is to foster the spirit of patriotism and to encourage active Catholic citizenship.


Fourth degree members, in addition to being members of their individual councils, are also members of Fourth Degree assemblies, which typically comprise members of several councils. As of 2013, there were 3,109 assemblies worldwide.

Fewer than 18% of Knights join the Fourth Degree, which is optional, and whose members are referred to as "Sir Knight." Of a total 1,703,307 Knights in 2006 there were 292,289 Fourth Degree Knights. This number increased to 335,132 in 2013. A waiting period of one year from the time the third degree was taken was eliminated in 2013, and now any Third Degree Knight is eligible to join the Fourth Degree.


Fourth Degree Knights may optionally purchase and wear the full regalia and join an assembly's Color Corps. The Color Corps is the most visible arm of the Knights, as they are often seen in parades and other local events wearing their colorful regalia.



Chase The Ace Fundraiser 
for St. Ignatius Parish

Starting Nonember 23rd , 2018 
at the Royal Canadian Legion St. Alban’s
every Friday Night, from 7-9 pm 
Random ticket draw at 9:15

Winner gets 20% of ticket sales that night 
and a chance to select the Ace of Spades 
for the Jackpot (minimum of $1000)

If Ace of Spades not selected, 
30% of ticket sales goes towards next week’s jackpot

Proceeds from the weekly event to go to support the needs of the parish.

Tickets are $5.00 each


Knights of Columbus will have a  50/50 draw at each event.

Tickets are $2.00 each




If you would like to support St. Ignatius Parish, please see Donations.

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