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                                                                       Cemetery Listing by Name

To make it easier to find the exact graveside location of a deceased friend or relative, we
now have an alphabetical listing of deceased parishioners followed by the row and plot number
for each. This listing is accurate (hopefully!) to Jan 1st, 2020 and will be periodically updated.
The latest listing contains a number of spelling and name changes that conform to the
death register. If you find an error (spelling of a name or row/plot number), please notify us at
The year of death is now included on the list for each deceased person. As well, for
stillborn babies and those who died before their first birthday, the notation “Infant” will follow
the name. We also have a number of identical names in our death registers and, for
clarification purposes, the name of a spouse (e.g. “DOE John (Jane)”) or a commonly used
nickname may be included


Cemetery Layout Numbering System

Alphabetical Listing


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