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St. Ignatius Parish is a Roman Catholic parish located in St. Alban's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

Please feel free to browse these pages to learn more about our parish.

Weekend Liturgy


St. Ignatius Church

Saturday       7:00 pm

Sunday        10:30 am


St. Anne's Church

Sunday         2:00  pm



People of faith

on a journey.


Own a treasured piece of a

St. Ignatius Parish

100th Anniversary Craft Keepsake


To commemorate this event, we will be selling local handmade crafts see pictured on the left as well as a wide variety of ornaments for a sun catcher or ornament on a tree for $10.00 each.  


All crafts have been made by Gordon Sutton.  Those items will be sold after Mass on Saturday nights and Sunday mornings. They can be viewed in the cabinet at the back of the Church.  Thank You to Gordon Sutton and all those who would like to purchase these items. 


We, the people of Saint Ignatius Parish, will strive to be faithful to the message and the words of Jesus. We strive to live by the ideals of the Gospel, bringing hope to all, especially the poor. We will endeavour to live in love. We will gather in faith with the Risen Lord Jesus, always aware that there is room for one more little one at the table of the Lord.
Fr. Brophy
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